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04 October 2008 @ 08:40 pm
Because I can't shake it: SPN/Miracles. Yes, the TV show.  
Not worth reading just yet; I had the setup in my head and this will be added to later.

Dean is gone. Dean is gone for good, and --

No. Not gone for good. It's what keeps Sam from completely losing it when Bobby starts to set up a cremation pyre for Dean's body, and what gives him the fervor to dig Dean's grave himself.

"I've gotta go, Bobby. I can't stay here."

"Just where do you plan on actually goin', Sam?" Bobby is currently resisting the urge to block Sam's path to the doorway until he gets an answer, and would if Bobby didn't think Sam would just spin on his heel and haul ass out the back door.

Sam doesn't respond aloud so much as dig out a newspaper article, passing it to Bobby with a heaved, impatient sigh.

"...'Sick Boy Gifted with Power to Heal'? You're goin' to Arizona?"

"I need to get out of here for awhile, Bobby," Sam offers through gritted teeth and nothing like his usual earnestness for the opinions of others. "I'll be back" is the last sentence he offers before sliding around the older man to walk out of the house.

"Yeah but when?" follows him out the door, "You better goddamn call me!"